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MSMA082A1A - Panasonic MSMA082A1A 750W Motor Incremental Encoder 200V Round Shaft Simple...

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Panasonic MSMA082A1A 750W Motor Incremental Encoder 200V Round Shaft Simple Type: Encoder

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  • Auto tuning modes: -normal auto tuning mode for setup; real-time auto tuning mode after setup
  • Automatic switching between control signals
  • Built-in frequency analyzing function detects resonance
  • Built-in notch filter suppresses vibration of driven
  • Closed loop control as standard feature
  • Digitally controlled by PLC
  • For almost all types of machines, including chip encoder mounting machines and general industrial machines
  • High performance motion control
  • High-speed control via 32-bit technology and a velocity
  • High-speed positioning, even with low-stiffness as standard functions mechanism
  • Max. motor speed 5,000 rpm -r
  • Optional high-resolution 17-bit absolute/incremental
  • Power range of 30 to 5000 W mechanism
  • Resonance suppression function enables high speed
  • response frequency of 500 Hz points of mechanism driven, offering simple adjustment
  • Velocity control, torque control and position control


  • Analogue volume inputs: 2
  • Fast processing speed: 0.4 ┬Ás/basic instruction
  • High data memory capacity: 32 k words
  • High expansion capability: up to 384 I/O
  • High program capacity: 12 k steps
  • High speed input max: 50 kHz
  • High speed pulse output max: 100 kHz
  • Powerful instruction set: Floating-Point, String and PID instructions
  • Small size: 30 x 90 x 60 mm (WxHxD)
  • Strong communication features: up to 3 serial interfaces RS232C, RS485



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